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LivingInBengaluru is a blog is about my experiences in Bengaluru, and its for those who would like to stay/settle down or travel to Bengaluru as a tourist and of course for those who always love to read. A blog with food, travel & stay in Bengaluru.

I have started this blog due to my interest in writing down things when I travel or go to some restaurant. Earlier I would write down everything on a book. Never thought about sharing the information online. I always had a passion for writing down my travel, collecting different things from places, clicking photographs of the food I eat in restaurants. The first time I thought about sharing the information online, I researched a lot, and felt this is not my cup of tea. The research ended up in reading a lot on Pinterest as well. This gave me an inspiration to start this blog.

Udupi is a place which is famous everywhere for its authentic food. Since I'm from Udupi what is the best thing I could write about?
My husband Jasleen, though a Mechanical Engineer and a CAE software developer working in an IT company, is a foodie by nature and an amazing chef. He is very passionate about cooking. He always comes up with some awesome, tasty innovative idea. He is my greatest inspiration to start this blog.
The other reason for me to write this blog is I'm married to a Bengaluru settled Tamil family where my father in law is from Tamilnadu, my mother in law from Kerala. So, my cooking is a combination of Udupi, Keralite and Tamilian food with also a touch of Bengaluru taste.
The fusion of different cuisines blends well most of the time.

I'm a travel freak. So is my husband. We have travelled every weekend to some tourist destination nearer to Bengaluru till we got kids. Blog wasn't in my mind till then. I've jotted down every tiny information in my travel book. Travelling with kids got difficult because of a lot of restrictions.
Still we do travel once in a while. My little ones are 3yrs and 1 yr. We are planning to wait for another year to put our travelling plans back on track.

I've stayed as a paying guest in Bengaluru. I had also taken a studio apartment on rent while I was working. My husband's parents own a house in Bengaluru and we have bought an apartment here as well. Since I have quite an experience with respect to searching for stay, seeing places, searching for apartments and buying one as well, I thought I could put up some of my experiences, the advantages and problems faced at every step that could help Benglureans.

About me:
My name is Smitha Jasleen. I have completed my M.Tech in computer science and currently a home maker, taking care of my 2 little angels. Trying to be a full time blogger by the time my kids start schooling.

For any queries you could contact me at

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  1. Wah !!!Very good one..looking for more things to come.

    1. Thank you Ravi.. I'll surely write more interesting food recipes and travelogues..


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