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Kerala Matta Rice/Red rice or Par boiled rice

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This is my family's staple food eaten twice daily. I know it sounds boring, but the taste is great and so are the health benefits. It is called Kerala Matta Rice/Rosematta rice/Palakkadan Matta rice, Kerala Red rice/Red parboiled rice/Mangalore red rice /Ukdo Thandhu(Click here)(Too many names for a single type of rice!).
In my native(Udupi) my mom takes almost 2 hrs to cook this rice on firewood.
Brown rice has very high nutritional value. It has double the fiber of cooked white rice. (Will soon publish a chart with nutritional facts)

Uncooked par boiled red rice - 1 cup
Water - 10 cups
Salt - 1 tbsp

1. Take a pressure cooker(Click here) preferably above 3litres and fill it up with water.

2. Keep on high flame till the water boils.

3. At the same time, wash the uncooked rice(it gives a brown color to the water) around 3-4 times and strain it.

4. Add the washed rice to the cooker on medium flame and add salt.

5. Close the cooker and place the weight.

6. After 4 to 5 pressure whistles switch off your stove.

7. Once the pressure is gone, strain the water from rice.

8. Rice is best served warm(Slightly on the hotter side).

1. The amount of water could vary depending on your cooker size.

2. Measurement of salt is an approx. Adjust it according to your taste.

3. 4 whistles is an approx. Depending on the type and quality of rice and type of pressure cooker it could take more time to cook.

4. You can also serve rice(pez) with rice water (ganji/ conji/ neece). Drinking only the water of the cooked rice is very tasty as well as healthy. 

5. When you have temperature(fever), it is good to have Ganji or just the rice water. Easy to digest and provides good nutrition.

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