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Living in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru is my home since 6 years. I have been listening about Bengaluru from the time I've been in school for its pleasant weather. It's also called the “silicon valley of India”. During those days it was mostly a tourist attraction rather than a place for job. As I grew up I started hearing Bangalore more frequently as a place for job.

When I completed my engineering 75 of my college crowd ended up in Bengaluru in search of jobs. I never thought of coming here. But finally even I landed here for my internship while I was doing my masters. Then I got married and settled here coz my husband was born and brought up here and working here as well. I had been to Bengaluru around 15 years back. But those times traffic was very less compared to the choked up traffic now. I have been to many cities but I feel traffic here is better compared to many other cities. Recently, metro's have been started and the connectivity is much better. This connectivity if done well might reduce traffic to a large extent.

Cost of living is reasonable. I can say any common man can survive with a low pay. We get low price stuff as well as the most expensive branded stuff.

Stay in Bengaluru is expensive if you wish to stay near the city. Cost reduces as you go to the interior side of the main road. For example, the rent for a studio apartment may cost you more than Rs. 10000/- or as less as Rs. 3000/- depending on the area you wish to stay in.

Food of Bengaluru is mouth-watering based on the restaurants you go to. Or you could always cook your food at home. You get almost all the cuisines in Bengaluru, but the must try ones are the South Indian dishes which are at their best. Again the cost of food depends upon the restaurant/ hotel you go to.

A weekend getaway for people living in Bengaluru is very convenient. You could either travel to some destination nearby or you can always spend a day at the resort. Again you could be spending Rs.5000/- or max no limit (depending on your budget). Planning by yourself gives you a lot of flexibility on your budget as well as your travel.

Finally, it doesn't hurt if I say Bengaluru is the best place for education, work and stay although the temperatures these days are soaring really high for just about a month or two in the whole year.

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