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Best weekend/romantic getaway from Bengaluru

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Sometimes, all it takes is a good breath of  fresh air to recharge. You will find many of these nature cocoons near Bengaluru. Wayanad is one such place. Well not exactly near Bengaluru, however, it is a drivable location with good and scenic(After Mysore) roads.
When we started planning, we had shortlisted Madikere, Ooty and Wayanad. Based on lodging availability, we decided on Wayanad. On this trip we received more than we bargained for; turned out to be an amazing driving experience, plus all the mind blowing views in Wayanad. Not to mention the clean crisp mountain air  that makes you feel younger by the hour.

Wayanad is approx 300kms from Bengaluru.
Bengaluru-Mysuru-Gundlupete-Muthanga-Kalpetta(In Wayanad).
Only way to beat the traffic till Mysuru is to start early. We always plan to start early like 4:30/5:00.a.m, but for some unknown reason we end up always leaving late(6:00.a.m). First stop was break fast @Kamat Lokaruchi in Ramnagara. These guys are professionals in serving delicious, hygienic, ethnic food. Most of the servers had an ethnic attire. Don't miss to eat "Moode", its a version of rice cake(Idly), fermented with Tuady(Sap of coconut tree) and steamed in a leaf.
After crossing Mysuru, road is single lane through out. We reached Kalpetta at 1.p.m. It took us approx. 7 hrs. to reach with a breakfast break of 1 hr. and 2 relax breaks of 15 min each.
Picture on route, from Gundlupette to Kalpetta: This guy crossed the road in front of our car. We just missed him:
Wayanad is located in Kerala state. It shares a part of the western ghats and comprises mainly of three locations Kalpetta, Mananthavady and Sulthan Bathery. Distance from Bengaluru to wayanad is approx. 280 kms. We stayed in "Four seasons homestay", our lodging was surrounded by acres of coffee and tea plantation.

We had a sumptuous lunch at a hotel in Kalpetta by the name "Hotel Woodlands" at Kalpetta. We reached our home stay after lunch and took a nap. In the evening, we walked around our homestay to see some scenic views of the lovely tea plantation. You can see tea plantation all around Wayanad whether you go by walk or drive. Back to our room, when it was dark we played a few games of cards, had dinner and dozed off.

Day 2:
Early mornings is a time not to be missed. The cool wind accompanied with warm rays of the sun feels so good on your skin. We just loved it. After a good home made breakfast we set out to Lakkidi view point approx. 16 kms from Kalpetta. The drive to this place is through the tea plantation and then the mountains, curved throughout. The view point is mesmerizing with a view of the valley. We spent some time there enjoying the view. 

We returned back on the same route to go to Pookode lake. It is a scenic freshwater lake with boating facilities, children's play area, handicrafts and spices emporium, aquarium and a fish foot spa. Entry is free at the lake. We bought a few spices and tea powder at the emporium. Fish foot spa was a good experience, though it tickles your foot in the beginning.
We headed next to Kanthapara waterfalls which is approx. 25kms from Pookode lake. On our way back, we had lunch at a local restaurant.  We enjoyed traditional Kerala lunch on banana leaf. 
The path to Kanthapara waterfalls is breathtaking. The waterfall is a smaller one compared to the others near Wayanad. It is the only waterfall around Wayanad which is easily accessible. We played with water for sometime and headed next to Phantom rock approx. 21kms away. I felt Phantom rock was not worth the distance we traveled.
We were tired traveling around, since places around Wayanad are at a distance. You actually need more days to explore Wayanad or you could do this on multiple trips to Wayanad. 
On our way to Phantom rock we stopped at the Regional Agricultural Research station at Ambalavayal. Its a place where they research on various spices, grains, vegetables and fruits. You can visit this place to gain knowledge on the various crops, their development and cultivation. I was more amazed by the variety of rose plants they had. After a pit stop at Ambalavayal we continued  towards Phantom rock. It was a short visit just to see a phantom skull shape rock on another big rock.
We returned to Kalpetta and wanted to do some shopping especially the ethnic Kerala clothing. So, we went to a nearby stores called Sindhur textiles to get some sarees and shirts.They have a good collection that we liked. Shopped to our heart's content. Back to our homestay, we had our dinner and retired for the day.

Day 3:
We wanted explore a few more places only to fall short of time, we had to get back to Bengaluru. After a refreshing breakfast early in the morning, we had planned for Muthanga wildlife safari. We completed packing and left from Kalpetta only by 11am. We reached Muthanga at 12pm. This made us cancel our plans to wildlife safari since it was getting late and headed back home. We stopped over at Kamath Lokaruchi for another short break at 4pm that included both our lunch and tea. We spent around an hour at the restaurant and headed back. Reached home at around 8pm.
The time spent in Wayanad and the drive felt tiring due to lack of rest. So once back home, we had dinner cooked by my mother in law and jumped off on our bed for a good night's sleep to wake up next morning back into our busy lives.

Some more clicks from Wayanad:

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