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Mesmerising drive in the rains: Bangalore to Udupi

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Long weekends are always a reason to get out of our house in Bengaluru and skip all the work for a few days. Bengaluru to Udupi drive through the ghats with a series of waterfalls, heavy rains, scenic views, beautiful clouds are all worth watching.

Our busy schedule kept us away from planning for a long weekend of four days from Friday to Monday. We dropped off the plans of going anywhere since getting accommodation at a good place was difficult at the last minute and searching for one was a more difficult task.

My little one was down with fever for a week, that meant the long weekend had to be spent at home taking care of my kids. My husband had been to office on Friday after he took leave for three days to help me out in taking care of our kids.

Friday afternoon I got a call from my husband asking to pack stuff to go to Udupi, my native. That call was such a relieving one and I was so happy, that I dreamed about getting some rest for myself after a hectic week. My mom would cook and also help me out in taking care of our kids, which meant I get a break from cooking, cleaning up the house (forgetting the cleaning up I have to do once I get back..) , doing the laundry, vessels, buying the groceries, dropping and picking up my kids from school,  (Oh! Do I really work so hard?)

With all the happiness, I started packing kids clothes only to realise my little one unpacking whatever I packed. Finally tired seeing my daughter unpacking, I put some rhymes on the television and started packing all over again. It was such a rush, I didn’t even know if I packed what is needed. The thought of buying what is needed in Udupi in case I left out something just reduced my stress. Being in Udupi for so many years, I knew places where I could get what I needed.

Packing the whole evening and night was so tiring. Packed, cleaned up the kitchen and slept at around 1 am. We wanted to leave early from home. Leaving early from Bengaluru gives you the advantage of getting out of Bengaluru early with less traffic. We always think of leaving home by 5 am or max 6 am and we end up leaving home by 7 am.

The route we had taken was Bengaluru (Yeswantpur) - Hassan - Shiradi ghats – Mangalore – Udupi. We faced heavy traffic at all tolls from Bengaluru to Hassan. Roads were good up to Hassan. After Hassan roads are single lane. If you are planning for a breakfast and washroom stopover the best is Hotel Ashritha at Sakleshpur.

Roads have gone a little bad after Sakleshpur up to the recent concrete work done on shiradi ghats. You need to keep a watch on potholes.
The drive in the monsoon is amazing at the same time risky too. We didn’t get any rains up to Hassan. After Hassan just a little bit of drizzle. We faced heavy rains in shiradi ghats with almost zero visibility. Missed an accident when we tried to overtake a truck. With all the risk factor, it is still worth a drive.

Drive was very scenic since it was monsoons especially the ghat section. There are many waterfalls throughout the ghat section , but it’s difficult to get a click with all traffic on your way. 
We also saw a train pass on the mountains, it looked so beautiful. We couldn’t get many clicks though. Rains accompanied with traffic and travelling with two toddlers makes travelling a little difficult.

We did not stop for breakfast since had carried sandwiches for all of us. We were already running late and that meant more delay due to traffic. We reached nelyadi at around 11:30 hrs. We stopped at nelyadi for around 10 mins. The rain had stopped completely and it was time to stretch out after a 5 hour drive.

We continued our journey trying to catch up with the list time due to reasons and traffic. We could make it to Mangalore only by 13:30 hrs.

Driving in monsoons between Mangalore to Udupi is something you have to be very careful about. The local express bus drivers plying between Mangalore and Udupi drive as though they are on some racing cars. They really don't care about any other vehicles around them.

There are a few diversions on the road between Mangalore and Udupi since the 4 lane road work is not yet completed. After the last toll surathkal reached santhekatte (near Udupi) around 14:30 hrs. Spent some awesome time there. Felt good being at home after long time.

Click here to check my previous post on route, road condition and toll details with cost.

Below are a few clicks on the mesmerizing monsoon time spent in Udupi.

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  1. This looks like it was a beautiful drive! Thanks for sharing your journey.


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