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Curd Rice Recipe (Draw N Cook)

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When ever you start something new, you just need an inspiration and a small push from someone close to you. Drawing and coloring isn't my cup of tea, but, with a lot of support from my husband, i did try, drawing this recipe of curd rice. Since this is my first time in drawing a recipe, I am yet to get better on this. Hope you like it.
Curd rice is a main dish with the basic ingredients of rice and curd/yogurt. We add the tempering to give a distinct flavor which just melts in your mouth. In South India, this dish is a must on every special occasion that includes a vegan menu.

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  1. Good work ! Keep writing, drawing and illustrating :)

    1. Thanks Dhara :) I'll try drawing and illustrating more recipes..

  2. You did a great job with the illustration and I am happy you have a wonderful husband who supports what you do :) This seems pretty easy to make. I am Asian so I already eat a LOT of rice :D I wanted to ask though, is this a side dish, an appetizer? Do you pair it with meat? hehe


    1. Thanks :) This is an easy to make main dish that goes well with any fried or dry items. Meat goes well with this too. We usually have it with papad or bajji(made of non-spicy chillies).


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