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5 steps to set up a new house for a beginner

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Setting up your home from scratch is a big task and if you are a beginner it just makes it more difficult to shop on what you need. I was a beginner in setting up my first home in Bengaluru, India. I have setup my home twice from scratch, once a studio apartment while I was working full time and the second time was after marriage.

To start with, my focus was always on the basic necessities for a home like water, sleep and food. Shopping is something that I liked always. Setting up my home was a good reason to do what I liked. Starting with basic necessities, I set up my home incrementally.

 I did most of my shopping from a nearby supermarket when I was in the studio apartment, since I wasn’t aware of local market. The second time it was usually my husband who did all the shopping from the local shops since he knew the place very well.

Listed below are the important things you may require to set up your home for a single person or a couple.

Step 1: Drinking and cooking Water

What can be more important than drinking water? It is said that a minimum intake of 8 glasses of water is important to keep us healthy. Present lifestyle and our work keeps us so occupied that we always think about drinking water (and satisfied with the thought!!) but we skip it due to frequent visits to the washroom.

I never kept a count on glasses but I still wanted water once I reached back home from office. I had bought a 25ltr purified water can from a nearby stores and I used the same water for cooking as well. It’s easier in the beginning if you are alone, but you have to upgrade to a purifier if you are with your family.

Step 2 : Sleeping basics

I had a cotton mattress, a quilt/blanket (can get colder during winter), 2 bed sheets(one for covering the mattress and other to cover you) , 2 pillows. I preferred to put the mattress on the floor and sleep rather than getting a cot. You can buy a spring mattress, pillow, blanket and bed sheets from a single shop.

Step 3: How I set up my kitchen?

Click here to know how I set up my kitchen

Step 4 : Appliances

Setting up a new home takes a toll on you in the beginning. To know what to buy and what is required is difficult to decide.

I had bought a 90lt refrigerator and a mixer grinder in my studio apartment. That was fine when I was alone. I would wash my clothes every day, so never thought of buying a washing machine.
After marriage, me and my husband bought a 190lt refrigerator in the beginning, which I upgraded later when I felt the need for a bigger one. I bought an induction stove for heating and cooking. You can always set a timer and not worry about switching it off.  I also got a television, washing machine, water purifier, otg.. I kept buying appliances whenever I felt it was needed the most.

Step 5: What do I need to clean my house?

Cleaning is an important household activity without which health is at stake. I am a cleanliness freak, which is why this section is an important part for me.

Checklist below gives a list of important cleaning items for a home
  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Floor cleaning liquid
  • Kitchen cloth
  • Stove cleaning brush
  • Vessel cleaning liquid/soap
  • Scrubber to clean vessels
  • Steel scrubber to clean harsh stain in vessels
  • Brush to clean sink
  • Bathroom floor/tile cleaner
  • Brush/ broom to clean bathroom
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Brush for cleaning toilet

The title says 5 steps, but I have included another bonus step, for those who like to make their home beautiful.
Step 6: Other items
  • Door mats
  • Curtains
  • Any electric items( lights, fans, boosters..)
  • Organizers for bedroom or bathroom
  • Decorative items for your house

I have listed down most of the things required in a house for setting it up.

I would love to get in more ideas from you and I'll keep updating when I think of more things.

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