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Tempered chickpeas | Chana masala

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Easy and simple tempered chickpeas can be made anytime. This recipe uses very less ingredients. It can be accompanied with chapati or parata or can be had like a snack too.
The only thing to be remembered while cooking chickpeas is to cook it well until soft. When soaked overnight it does give you the required softness.

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins


Chickpeas/ Kabuli chana - 1 cup
Oil - 1tbsp
Mustard seeds- 1tsp
Crushed garlic - 1tbsp
Curry leaves - 1 stick
Dry chillies - 2 nos
Onion (medium) -1 no.
Coriander leaves- a few
Salt to taste

  1. Soak chickpeas overnight.
  2. Take a pressure cooker and add chickpeas with equal amount of water and a little salt. 
  3. Cook for 2-3 whistles.
  4. Heat a wok/ kadai, add oil.
  5. Now add mustard seeds and let it splutter.
  6. Add garlic and fry till golden brown.
  7. Now add dry chillies and curry leaves.
  8. Add onion and fry till golden brown.
  9. Add the boiled chickpeas and stir well.
  10. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.

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