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Decathlon Anubhava, exploring with kids

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Decathlon Bangalore


Decathlon is a retail sports shop where you can find all sorts of sports products. Decathlon has aound 64 branches in India, currently. This place has most of the sports products of high quality for young and old.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing my experience here.


Decathlon Anubhava

We go to Decathlon Anubhava frequently, which is on the airport road, around  19kms from Hebbal flyover for shopping since my husband is very enthusiastic sportsman. He participates in most of the 10k runs held in Bengaluru. He also swims for around half an hour everyday. That makes him shop for what he needs and Decathlon is the right place to get all the stuff. You can also try out before buying your stuff.

Here is a video where you'll find an overall view inside Decathlon

My biggest challenge when we go out, are my two little one's. Wherever we go I need to keep a constant watch on them. Secondly, I need to keep them entertained, so that they do not start throwing tantrums. This is a place where I can shop as well as keep my kids entertained throughout.
Most section of sports, whether it's cycling, gym, running or skating there are trial or test zones where you can test your skills and try out the gear before buying it.
Decathlon Anubhava


Decathlon has a good collection of clothing for most of the sports including water sports and adventure sports. One can find clothing even for exercising and yoga. This includes clothing for men and women. There are cute clothing sets for kids too. You can buy swimsuits for your kids here. The price starts at Rs. 299.



The shoe collection starts at Rs.499 during clearance sale. There are good shoes for every sport. I bought a running shoe for Rs.1999 and just love the fit. There are shoes for men, women and kids too for different sports. The roller skates for kids are worth a try and a buy.


Sports Gear

All types of sports gear is available here including fishing hooks, kayaking boats, skate board, and accessories for most of the sports.


Day spent at Decathlon

One can spend a whole day at Decathlon even with kids.
  • Cycling section has a lot of cycles for trial. There are also small cycles for kids, geared bicycles, mountain bikes.
  • Gym section has most of the gym equipment's for trial and there are also baby gym equipment's like trampoline and tunnels.
  • You can try your golf skills at the mini golf course, a flat one and another with a little variation.
  • Table tennis table is also setup and you can try playing for sometime. There is also a mini TT table.
  • Kids scooters are also here for practice starting with toddler range up to adults.
  • Skate boards can also be tried inside a fenced place.
Overall a good place for all your sporting needs.

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