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Funky Monkeys, Orion Mall, Bangalore for a Play date with kids

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Are your kids watching television all the time? If you want to keep them away from watching you can take them to Funky Monkeys at Orion mall, Bangalore.

Here is video of Funky Monkey, Orion Mall, Bangalore


Funky Monkeys

It is a indoor play area where your kids can play to their hearts content. There are two zones here, one is the toddler zone aged 6 months to 4 years and the other is the junior zone aged 4 years to 14 years.



There is a café where you can just sit while your children are climbing, playing, running, jumping or crawling. You can buy snacks, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, cupcakes, muffins, beverages and milkshakes. Prices are slightly on the higher side but food is good.


Birthday Parties

You can also celebrate your kids birthday here. You can check the different packages with them if required. They do balloon decorations and provide snacks. Your kids friends can have fun at the play area too.


Play area safety

Funky Monkeys supervisors are inside the play area and they assist children. They have taken care of safety as well.
Parents need to accompany the kids especially the younger ones, which means parents get to play as well. For all those who wish to play with their kids, you can join with them and refresh your childhood memories.


My experience

First time, when I went with my daughter I was so happy to explore the place and I did go in the tunnel slide which was fun.
One session lasts for 90 minutes and every hour taken extra you need to pay extra. There is an offer currently where you can pay ₹3000 for 10 sessions with unlimited time.
Once you take your kids to Funky Monkeys I bet they wouldn't listen to come home till they get totally exhausted.



They do not allow you inside without socks, so do remember to take your socks. You can also buy a new pair of socks at Funky Monkeys.

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