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Dasara | Navaratri Dolls | Gollu at Pottery Town, Bengaluru

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Pottery Town is well known for its potter's wheel which spin out different types of clay pots, planters, tandoors and idols. Pottery town is lined up with tiny shops which are attached to the potter's home. Several families have settled here and have been earning their livelihood making pottery since ages. It still has the rustic charm of old Bangalore which has been lost amidst the present city life.

Here is a walk through the old rustic Pottery town of Bengaluru:



What can you buy at Pottery town?

Every clay item you can think of from planters, pots, tandoors of different sizes, DIY clay items, home decorative, lamps, diyas, idols for every festival be it Varamahalaksmi habba, Ganesh Chathurthi, Dasara/ Navaratri dolls/ Gollu and Diwali lamps and diyas. They usually have festive specific items, which means they make the idols a little before the festival and are not available all through out the year.

Why should you buy from Pottery town?

Pottery town is a very old town where the Potter's have been making clay items for their livelihood. The culture is being lost amidst the city life and there is no one to continue their work. The demand for handmade clay items is decreased due to the availability of various designs made by different machinery.

Most of the items in Pottery town cost much lower than the local market and you can also place an order in advance if you need some specific item.



How much is the approximate cost of items?

Most of the prices are budget friendly and low compared to the market price. Please check my video above for prices of few of the items. There are a lot more items and I bet this place is worth the visit.


Conclusion and Tips

Go to this place 1-3 weeks before a festival and buy all clay items from them at low prices.
Help the potter's in regaining their culture by letting your family and friends know about this place.
Try taking your kids around this place. I bet they'll love to see the potter's spinning their wheels.


Here is the location for Pottery Town, Bangalore


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