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New Year 2019 : 3 things to do in Bangalore this NYE + 1 bonus tip

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new year's eve in Blore
Another year has passed with the blink of your eye, we have all grown a year older, children are done with another year of schooling, there are so many things that have changed in one year.
If I ask you what's so special about this new year's eve, everyone will have something to say about it. So, what do we do this new year's eve? Don't forget to read till the end, to get the bonus tip.


New Year's Eve 2019
New Year's eve

It's time to be grateful for every small thing you have achieved this year. I know most of us can only remember the bad times we had this year, but if you can focus and think I'm sure you'll find at least 10 things or incidents you can be grateful for. So be happy of what you have achieved this year.  Only when you're happy and positive you can attract more positive energy, which in turn will make you more happier.
Now, coming to the 3 things you can do on New Year's Eve 2019:


1. New Year 2019 resolutions and how to make an effort to keep them.

Resolutions are easy to make, but most of us find it difficult to keep them up. You start getting demotivated after 2-3 months. The main reason for this de motivation is most of the times we set a difficult or an unachievable goal.
What is your resolution on NYE 2019 ? Let me know in the comment section below and do you think you can achieve it?
Most of our goals or resolutions for the NYE are related to our weight, health or money. Why does it become so difficult to achieve it?
For example, if I talk about those who want to lose weight : it would seem impossible to lose 30-40 lbs in one year.
If you are planning to eat healthy for the next year, do you think it's possible? I'm not here to demotivated you, but let's see if you can help yourself in achieving your goal this year.
So, what steps can we take to keep our resolutions and not lose our focus? The only solution to this is planning accordingly.
You could maintain a record for your resolution. So take a book and try to accomplish these steps:
Step 1:
Write down your resolution in a paper. It is said that if you write down, you try to finish the task, if not written, there are higher chances of losing your focus. You could write it in bold letters on the front page of your record.
Write every resolution on a different line in case you have many.
Step 2:
Divide your resolution as monthly or weekly tasks or monthly achievable goals.
Example: if you are planning to eat healthy, you can set a goal of having a healthy diet one day per week in the first month, two days per week in the second month and so on..
Step 3:
Don't give up. Nothing is easy. Everything needs hard work. So, don't lose focus and try to achieve your monthly or weekly goals.


2. Spend time with your family

If you are a family person, spending time with your family can be the best gift you can give to your family and yourself. You could spend time at home or go for a drive with your spouse. If you have kids, the best thing would to have a playdate or a movie night with your kids. You can also take a New year trip for 2 days to some place near Bangalore within 200 Kms.


3. Party hard this New Year's Eve in Bangalore

New Year Events in Bangalore

Book your New Year's Eve 2019 well in advance and enjoy partying.

Thank you for reading my complete post. So, here is a bonus tip for this new year's eve
Don't forget to keep yourself safe. If you are partying and planning to drink, please do not drive, you can always book a taxi to get home.

Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 and have a blast.
Share this article with your friends and family and wish them too.
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